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Gay Pride in your town Lighting Your Fire for More?
One Magical Weekend is Back at Disney for LGBT Community For ALL Types. ALL Shapes. ALL Ages. ALL Colors. Is gay pride in your town is lighting your fire for more? Well then, if you haven't ever been to gay day Orlando events during the first weekend in June, then please return your gay card immediately. You have been using it without authorization and it is being revoked until you attend one of the hottest and largest LGBT community and gay events in the world.Gay Pride Event of the year at Walt Disney World® Resorts We will issue you an official gay pride card after you experience the magic of gay pride event of the year at Walt Disney World® Resorts – Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, Disney Springs House of Blues, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios® in June during One Magical Weekend. And, of course, you must experience the LGBT friendly parties of One Magical Weekend’s own featured gay events!Join your friends and frolic with 6,…
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